Where it all began

When three friends stumbled upon an empty storefront on the quaint rue Saint-Sauveur in Paris’s Montorgueil neighbourhood, they instantly knew it would become the bar of their dreams. What they did not know was that they were writing a new page on Parisian hospitality, a city where cocktail bars didn’t exist in 2007.With the feel of an underground hideaway, Experimental Cocktail Club was instantly full, filled with people falling in love with gin and tequila, one cocktail at a time.

Experimental Cocktail Club quickly became the epicentre of a phenomenon that would transform Paris’s nightlife through accessible prices and audacious combinations, quality ingredients and respectful informality.

We do not take any reservations.
Stop by if you’re thirsty, we’ll do our best to find you a spot.


Experimental Cocktail Club is the ultimate destination for your next celebration, whether it’s a birthday party with friends or an event for 50 guests. We’re here to help you create your perfect night.

Ready to get planning?
Give us a shout at eventsparis@expegroup.com


Join the T.S.F. Club, a radio show recorded around cocktails with guest musicians, moviegoers, writers...Head over to Instagram for the lineup!



37, rue Saint-Sauveur
75002 Paris

Monday – Thursday: 7pm-2am
Friday & Saturday: 7pm-4am
Sunday: 8pm-2am


Events enquiries: eventsparis@expegroup.com
 Press enquiries: communication@expegroup.com 

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